Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, also known as the Melason will return on 2011 with their new show entitled Precious Hearts Presents Mana Po. The show will be directed by Erick Salud and Katski Flores and will debut on the first quarter of the coming year. Their comedy-drama show was created exclusively for them and the creator of Precious Hearts Presents will be releasing a novel version of their show also next year.

Melai and Jason were both alumni of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up where Melason love team was born. Aside from being loveteam, they are real life couple. They gained the title Prinsesa at Prinsipe ng Masa (Princess and Prince of the Masses), with their wit and humor that made them number 1 in the hearts of their followers.

Before the launching of Precious Hearts Presents Mana Po on 2011, Melason is a mainstay in ABS-CBN’s comedy-gag show entitled Banana Split. They also appear in Kokey @ Ako, Impostor, Melason in Love, andMelason in the City.

Precious Hearts Presents Mana Po is one of the shows of ABS-CBN’s that is part of their BidaBest line up for 2011.

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