Californian Bloom

The Center :
The “Californian Bloom” Aesthetic Institurte & Medical Spa … is a clinical and cosmetic dermatology and surgical center that offers a wide variety of medical and surgical services to promote health and well-being of a person- reflecting their inner beauty. It is a fusion of medical ingenuity and a holistic approach thru induction of dermatologic, slimming and medical spa services. Clients are seen as “patients” whose health is the primary concern of the institution. Patients are perceived and treated as a whole, not only focusing on the physical aspect but as well as the general well being of the person. Relaxing spa services are provided, which are supervised personally by our medical and aesthetic dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon for the satisfaction of each of their patient’s need providing calmness and restful hours from a very busy life. 
The Services:
Our services are divided into three categories modified and adapted differently for each of the patient, suitable for each of their needs. Our (1) MEDICAL SPA SERVICES promotes relaxing and calming procedures promoting inner wellness from a tiring and fatigued body. 
Procedures under this category includes: 
Medical Cali Massage 
Shiatsu,Swedish Style & Thai Massage
W/ Ventosa Massage or Hot Stone Massage
Jacuzzi Treatment 
Hand & Foot Reflexology :Xiamen Style 
Whole Body Exfoliating Scrub
Milk & Honey Salt Body Scrub
Milk & Barracco Body Scrub 
Body Waxing (Arm, Underarm, Brazilian & Leg Waxing) 
Body Paraffin Treatment ( Hand,Arm & Leg Paraffin Tx)
Pampering Body Wrap 
Whitening Chocolate Body Wrap 
Moisturizing Butter Body Wrap 

Our (2) CLINICAL AND COSMETIC DERMATOLOGIC SERVICES, encompasses consultation for general medicine and dermatologic diseases, promotes rejuvenation and whitening of skin and contouring of a sexier body resulting to ageless beauty and youthful aura mesmerizing each beholder. 
Skin Reborn Program for skin rejuvenation and for a whiter 
Anti-Acne Medical Facial Programme is an 8-wk series of procedures 
for the purpose of elimination of acne.
Collagen Induction Therapy induces collagen and elastin formation for 
eliminating of scars and stretch marks.
Anti-Aging Program is composed of services that will restore youthful 
glow and promote health benefits of anti- oxidant procedures.
Hair Growing Program is composed of non-
surgical procedures that will restore hair growth and thickening 
of hair shaft defying alopecia and thinning of hair brought by 
Other anti-aging includes BOTOX treatment, Schlerotherapy and many others.

BODY SLIMMING PROGRAMME is a very effective non-surgical, non- invasive technique on body slimming resulting to a non- sagging, well-contoured, sexier body.
Slim Max Oral Anti-Obesity Tabs, very safe and effective oral 
slimming tabs incorporated systematically in the program.
Ultra Slim Mesolipo, a procedure of choice for a non-surgical 
elimination of fat, incorporating minerals to bursting of fats.
Ultra Body Liposculpt, a 20-minute non surgical liposuction, with no 
needles, no pain, no heat resulting to 8-12cms loss of body fat for 
each procedure.
Thermalift, an ultrasonic thermal body contouring machine resulting to 
a 4-8 centimeter loss in the body measurement per session.
Ultra Calitone, a 30 min non-surgical muscle toning for a non-sagging 
well-contoured body.

Hair Removal (Upper Lip, Underarm, Chest, Brazilian)
Skin Rejuvenating Laser Treatment
Acne Laser Treatment
Tatoo Laser Removal 
Varicose Laser Removal

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